Biblia Latinoamericana Spanish


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Biblia Latinoamericana Spanish is a religious app that lets you quickly check any of its books, chapters, and verses, without needing an Internet connection. You can also share any verse through the social networks that you have installed on your device.

You can adjust the font size from the settings, and switch between a light or dark background. This way, you can adjust the app to your reading needs.

Another interesting feature in the app is the possibility to add verses to your favorites. Thanks to this you can save as many verses as you want, rename them, and share them as you like. You can also activate an option to receive a "word of the day."

Biblia Latinoamericana Spanish is a pretty good Bible app. It doesn't have a particularly pretty interface, but it lets you enjoy all the content of the holy book in a really easy way.

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher

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